Strona główna Upper Ocean Turbulence - Summer School 2016


The aim of the Summer School:

The main purpose of the school is to teach next generation of ocean going international scientists (physics, engineering and geosciences graduate students) in the art of turbulence theory and measurements with application to ocean numerical modelling.

As it is now a number of ocean going ocean turbulence measurements faculty worldwide is on a verge of retiring. Our school aims to maintain continuation of retiring faculty experience by exposing new generation of graduate students to their theoretical and practical experience.

The students at the Summer School are going to be international graduate students and postdoctoral associates with total up to 20 selected students.

Our ‘Upper Ocean Turbulence - Summer School 2016’, is going to be taught by international set of invited speakers (see Syllabus – Appendix A) at classrooms and laboratories of Politechnika Gdanska, Centrum of Nanotechnology with support from Politechnika Gdanska.


July 25 - August 12, 2016.

How to enroll in the Summer School 2016?

To enroll (you have to be graduate student):
1. Send $100 on the account
2. Send email with the proof of deposit of $100 to: OR
Please note: there is limited number of seats- 20.

Practical information for foreign students

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