Strona główna Upper Ocean Turbulence - Summer School 2016



Our ‘Upper Ocean Turbulence - Summer School 2016’, is going to be taught by international set of invited speakers at classrooms and laboratories of Gdańsk University of Technology (Politechnika Gdańska), Centrum of Nanotechnology. The main venue: the Gdansk University of Technology, Applied Physics and Mathematics Department (PG FTiMs)-for an overview see:


July 25 - August 12, 2016. (3 weeks total length)


Each day will contain total of 4 lectures - each 1.0 hour each long.
- 2 lectures before the lunch (10.00-12.00)
- 2 lectures classes after lunch (13.00-15.00).
Each week would consist of up to 20 hours total of lecture time.

Syllabus - Abbreviations

WD - W. Drennan (U. of Miami/US)
TO - T. Özgökmen (U. of Miami/US)
BH - B. Haus (U. of Miami/US)
HY - H. Yamazaki (Tokyo U. of Marine Science and Technology/JP)
DB - D. Bogucki (Texas A&M Corpus-Christi/US)
JAD - J. A. Domardzki (U. of So. California. /US)
Rock. - R. Lueck (Rockland Inc./Canada)
JFE - H. Lee (JFE Advantech Co., Ltd/ Japan)
GUT - Speakers from FTiMs (GUT/Poland)

Syllabus - Week 1 - July 25- 30

Lectures: 10.00 to 12.00 and 13.00 to 14.00 followed by computer lab 15.00 till 17.00.
The computer lab will be Matlab based and students would work out examples from presented in lectures.

- Fourier series (WD)
- Parseval's identity (WD)
- Power spectra (WD)
- Cross-spectra (WD)

- 13.00 till 15.00 Sources of turbulence in ocean.
Source of our oceanic turbulent time series: overview of VMP200 and its associated sensors. (WD, HY, DB, BH).

Syllabus - Week 2 - August 1-5

Turbulence- theoretical background/oceanic examples.

- Fluid Dynamics (JAD)
- Introduction to turbulence (JAD)
- Upper ocean turbulence, air-sea fluxes (WD, BH, HY)
- Dispersion in the upper ocean (TO)

- Upper ocean turbulence, air-sea fluxes (WD, BH, HY)
- Selected topics of physics and turbulence of the upper ocean (HY, DB)
- Dispersion in the upper ocean (TO)

Syllabus - Week 3 - August 8-12

Field work, hands data collection using upraising VMP;
syllabus following Rockland extended Turbulence course - Brazil

- Ocean Turbulence Theory (Rock)
- Vertical profilers (Rock)
- Data processing and analysis (Rock)

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